"Eddie"    *7.5.2017

chovný pes / stud dog

narozen / DOB:07-5-2017
majitel / owner: FALLCAT kennel + KASCARO kennel
výška / height: 56 cm
váha / weight: 25 kg
skus / bite: nùžkový / scissor bite
chrup / teeth: plnochrupý / full dentition
èíslo zápisu / reg.number: CMKU/AUO/5979/-19/17/20
DNA Profile: BC107/26152 (ISAG2015) - laboratoø Tilia - 24.11.2020
barva / color: Blacktricolor (no red factor)
DKK / HD: B (0/1) Good
DLK / ED: 0/0 Normal
páteø / spine: OK (LTV0)
DNA CEA: Clear +/+
DNA PRA prcd: Clear +/+
DNA HSF4: Clear +/+
DNA MDR1: Clear +/+
DNA DM: Clear +/+
MH  NCL6  CMR1 all Clear +/+
DOV / Eye yearly test: Clear (11/2021)
Merle Silv Sine panel Tilia: m/m (pure blacktricolor)



5 let / 5 ys and his vaccation in Norway

témìø 4 roky / almost 4 ys

happy boy :o)

photos 3 ys by Hana Purmová (Kascaro)

photos 2,5 ys by Markéta Zýka Hojková (Briarga photo)

photos 1 year



2021 Litter in Czech - Diamond Rush

2021 Litter in Czech - Guilty Pleasure

2021 Litter in Czech HERE

2020 Litter in Czech HERE

2020 - Austria

2019 - Italy




Rodokmen / Pedigree

AKC Ch Goldcrest´s To Honor and Serve "PIERCE"

Pierce is litter brother to famous Beast Mode


AKC GrandCh / ASCA Ch Goldcrest Cameo Appearance "PLAYER"
Ch Ivory Isles Meets the Criteria
Ch Tri-Ivory Return of the King
Ch Criterias Fly Me to the Moon
Goldcrest Guilty Pleasure
Ch McMatt´s EZ Victor
Ch Ragtimes Sabotage
McMatt´s Cruisin´The Surf "GIDGET"
Ch McMatt´s EZ Going
Ch McMatt´s EZ Victor
Ch Castle´s Image of McMatt
Ch Bayouland´s Dazzle Me Razz
Ch Broadways Blaze of Glory
Ch Lil´Creek´s Hug Me Tight
X´Sells Boom Boom Pow! "FERGIE"

champion producer

Ch Risingstar´s Rocky Mountain Outlaw "DENVER"
Ch Risingstar's Heaven Sent
GrandCh Bayouland's Creme Brulee "KEEGAN"
Ch Risingstar´s Wings of Angels
Ch Outlaws Million Dollars Baby
Outlaws Total Chaos
Outlaws Sosumi
AKC Ch TwoByTwo Milion Dollar Baby
Ch Keepsake Music City Miracle
Ch Watermark´s Unzippin´ Keepsake
Keepsake Angel My Eye
TwoByTwo America´s Sweetheart
Ch Arboretum´s Ilex Montana
Ch McMatt´s Lovely Lily